salt cosmetics

harmony for body and soul

"There is nothing more useful than salt and sun." 
Isidor von Sevilla, 600 b.c.

Cosmetics without compromise. Produced without synthetic preservatives or skin-irritating emulsifiers. Free from gen manipulated raw materials, guaranteed without animal experimentation.


Pure crystal salt is our basis for our cosmetic products. Salt is important for our body. They support and regulate numerous metabolic functions and have a skin calming effect.


The best ingredients are selected carefully and used in our products. Herbal and essential oils make your skin feel good and caress yourself with their scents. 


Salzburg-Salz cosmetic products allow you a healthy and holistic care. The skin, your biggest and most important organ, protects us, breathes and expresses our personal well-being. Therefore, trust in our natural salzburg-Salz cosmetic and care products.