austrian salt

natural rock salt

From the austrian Alps: This unique tasting salt is mined in the tunnels and gallerys of Bad Aussee in the heart of the Salzkammergut. It is the mineral richest salt among the royal salts and owes its reddish-brown color to the exceptionally high mineral iron content and contains other minerals as well als medicinal clay.


A total of 84 Elements which are also present in the earth, but also in our own body, can be found in this salt from Bad Aussee. This makes the austrian rock salt so particularly valuable and of high quality. Already 150 millions of years ago, when the Alps were formed, the former sea salt was trapped deep inside the mountain. In the mountain's core it is still protected from environmental influences.


The austrian rock salt is ideal for hearty meals and the short delivery routes speak volumes for the enjoyment of local rock salt.

seasoning salts

The local austrian rock salt forms the basis for our seasoning salts. All herbs are certified organic. Enjoy seven different spice blends.

Herbsalt "Krazy"

The high amount (11%) of over forty different herbs, from certified organic farming, makes the in-house herbal-rock-salt-blend to something very special. The difference to conventional herbal salts is clearly tastable. The seasoning-blend is the ideal partner for pestos, dips, quarkdishes, salads, fish dishes, steaks and sauces – naturally without the addition of flavor enhancers and aromas.


Seaweed- and Herbsalt "Sunshine"

A special and exquisite blend offers the so called "Sunshinesalt". In addition to the Mediterranean herbs, such as rosemary, oregano, basil and thyme,  a variety of flowers and grasses are added. The extraordinary taste is topped off with pepper and chilli. Especially the nori-seaweed, which is added to the salt in the form of flakes, makes this product a special feature.

It is suitable for vegetable dishes, soups and roasts.



Kümmel-Koriandersalz "Shanghai"

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Knoblauchsalz "Garlic"

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Chilisalz "Fuego"

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Rosmarinsalz "Midoli"

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Pfeffersalz "Kosho"

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flower salts

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Blütensalz "Violetta"

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Blütensalz "Rosa"

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